Client Testimonials

We value our relationships with our clients. Read what our clients have to say about their relationships with our office.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Barry during our practice acquisition. Having him on our team was instrumental in making the entire process go as smoothly as possible. It really lowered my stress level knowing that I had the very best legal council working on my side. Our acquisition took place during the busy holiday season, and Barry and his staff didn't miss a beat. They were there to answer all of my questions, return all of my calls, and deliver everything on time to both myself and the selling party. I would DEFINITELY recommend Barry to anyone who wants clear, concise, and accurate legal advice. (Or… I would DEFINITELY recommend Barry to anyone who wants an A+ legal team on their side.)”

Brian R. Adams, DDS
UOP ’02
Danville, CA

“As a dental consultant for many years I have frequently worked with young dentists who are either buying or starting their first dental practice. One of the things I advise them to do first is to obtain the best legal counsel, someone who is knowledgeable and has experience in buy/sell agreements, leases, associateship and partnership agreements. I recommend Barry Josselson. He has helped so many young dentists on this very important first step in their professional career. I always stress to these dentists that Barry’s help now will save them time, money and peace of mind for many years to come. I recommend him highly.”

Ms. Marie G. Raftery
La Mesa, CA

“I first met Barry as a dental student. He was giving a lecture on Associate Agreements for the graduating dental students.  I was extremely impressed with his vast knowledge of dentistry and the laws that pertain to it.  He made everything seem so simple and easy to understand.  That's when I knew that when the time came, I'd be calling Barry to handle any and all of my legal issues.  Over the past 2 years Barry has far exceeded my expectations. He has reviewed and revised associate contracts in detail and has been thorough in explaining the various risks or problems.  Barry recently represented me in my first attempt to purchase a dental practice.  His expertise was invaluable.  Barry was again extremely thorough, and took the time to care about me and my goals.  Purchasing a dental practice is one of the most important decisions we will make in our life. I truly feel that Barry cares about his clients.  He also has a wonderful legal assistant, Lena Henry.  She is so helpful and courteous, and always available.  Barry and his staff are knowledgeable, thorough, and just a joy to work with.  They also send me copies of articles Barry writes regarding dental contracts. They are quite interesting and informative.   My experience with Barry and his staff has been wonderful and I would definitely recommend them to you!” 

Melinda R. Oquist, DDS, Professional Dental Corp.
Loma Linda ’03
Stevenson Ranch, CA

“Barry H. Josselson has been representing me for over 10 years. I have worked with him specifically on associate contracts, buy-out contracts, partnerships contracts, incorporating, lease negotiations and even forming a trust for my family. He has always kept MY best interests at the forefront of all his work. He is very thorough and leaves no issues unresolved. During our discussions his organization and presentation of the topics are related easily to me so I can truly understand our objectives and purposes. 

I will continue to use his services and highly recommend Barry to any dentist looking to have excellent representation.”

James P. Tasto, DDS, Inc.
USC ’93
San Diego, CA

“Barry and I have been working together on many projects over the past 20 years.  The majority of these projects have been transactions involving the purchase of dental practices in California.   I have found, without exception, that his due diligence, which includes his review and analysis of every issue that affects the transaction, to be METICULOUS and TIMELY.  I CANNOT THINK OF ANY PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR WHO IS MORE THOROUGH, HELPFUL OR POSITIVE THAN MR. JOSSELSON.”

Jeffrey M. Goldstein, MBA, PhD
Assistant Professor, UCLA School of Dentistry
Los Angeles, CA

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Josselson and his staff when I bought into my current practice just over 2 years ago. I was impressed with Mr. Josselson's expertise and attention to detail.  His interpretation of a very complicated lease, and his resultant recommendations pertaining to the lease, were especially helpful. He and his staff (Léna) expressed a genuine and personal interest in the deal's development and ultimate outcome.

Although I did not meet with Mr. Josselson in person during the transaction, he was able to coordinate a series of productive meetings by telephone with me as well as the other party's advisors. At our first such meeting, Mr. Josselson predicted the deal would close in 60 days. His prediction proved to be accurate. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Josselson and his staff to any dentist in need of legal services.”
Mark D. Stevenson, DDS
Georgetown ’88
Concord, CA

“Mr. Josselson has helped me several times in the past. Every time he has proved himself to be the best in his field. He helped me with my associateship agreement as well as purchasing my own practice. Mr. Josselson was very thorough and very detail oriented in my practice purchase so that I felt assured and comfortable with all the difficult steps that go with a practice purchase. If I have to purchase another practice or negotiate a lease, I would not hesitate to contact him again.”
H. Hamaty, DMD, Inc.
U. of Pennsylvania ’94
Yorba Linda, CA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Barry on several occasions. He is the only attorney I would use for any dental related issues… he is an expert on every aspect of dentistry and that's who you want on your side of the table. Barry is professional, punctual, reliable, and thorough. What else could you ask for as your legal counsel? I highly and wholeheartedly recommend the legal team at Barry Josselson’s!!!”

Victor S. Sands, DDS, Inc.
USC ’66
Beverly Hills, CA

“Mr. Josselson has advised me regarding my employment/buy-in. His knowledge of dental law in California is excellent, and he has always been prompt in returning my calls. What has really impressed me about Barry is the fact that he always pushes for what is fair/customary in dental law. I strongly would recommend the Law Offices of Barry Josselson to my peers. His staff is always courteous and efficient in returning my calls, and corresponding with mail, fax, etc.”

Christopher F. Ezzat, DDS
UCLA ’99
Bakersfield, CA

“Barry Josselson has provided excellent legal services for my practice for 2 years. He authored my Office Manual, Associate’s Agreement, and Lease. My level of satisfaction is so high that he is now administering my private legal needs. I trust Barry’s advice in all areas, and have found him to exhibit a rare degree of professionalism and personality. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues, and would welcome the opportunity follow-up this testimony with anyone interested in further details.”

Leida P. Stine, DDS, Inc.
U. of the Philippines ’89
Dublin, CA

“Mr. Josselson assisted me both thoroughly and expeditiously with my lease. The time spent with him was like a continuing education course on my lease. He explained everything very carefully. I understood everything and was competent in negotiating a better lease with the landlord.”

Howard I. Katz, DDS
U. of Witwatersrand ’79
La Jolla, CA

“During the long drawn out roller coaster ride of purchasing my practice I felt at ease and could sleep peacefully knowing that Barry and Léna were on the case… and now after all is said and done I feel as if all the angles were thoroughly covered and do not regret a single penny spent.”

Ricardo A. Suarez, DDS, Inc.
USC ’00
West Covina, CA

“I have had Barry take care of a number of different situations ranging from contracts to purchases. Every time I needed Barry's help I knew that he was on top of it so that I can concentrate on the business of dentistry.”

Ferdinand D. Manalili, DDS, PC
UOP ’93
Morgan Hill, CA

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the superb legal advice with regard to my office lease.  As a former realtor, I have had my fair share of real estate contracts.  But I was dealing with a difficult landlord.  Your thoroughness and clear explanation made the negotiation process easier and significantly to my advantage.  That was 7 years ago. Since then the building has changed hands and the new landlord attempted to impose additional fees. Thanks to your advice in negotiating the original lease I was able to refuse these additional fees and save thousands of dollars. I am glad to recommend HIGHLY your services to my friends.  Thanks again.”

Victor K. Muradian, DDS
USC ’96
Simi Valley, CA

“I have had the occasion to work with Mr. Josselson on two separate practice sales. While most of us do not look forward to working with attorneys (for some about as much fun as visiting the dentist), my experiences had not only been great, but fun!

Initially, I sold a practice of 17 years in Duarte, California in 1994 and then re-located to Chico in Northern California. Then, last year in December of 2004, we sold the Chico practice. I did not hesitate to use Barry’s services again for the sale of the second practice.

My relationship and client interaction with Barry has been nothing less than FANTASTIC over the past 10 years. Throughout all the tedious and sometimes trying negotiations, I truly felt my best interests were looked after as a client. Barry demonstrated meticulous, thorough, and timely work in all cases.

I truly appreciated Barry’s attention to detail and his consideration of the big picture at all times. He and his staff very always very approachable as far as asking even the most mundane questions. Very significantly, they kept in constant contact during the entire transactions and promptly responded to phone calls, etc.

I feel one of Barry’s greatest assets is a sense of humor while still retaining absolute professionalism. He has the ability to relieve some of the stress in difficult situations and often times come up with creative solutions to problematic areas.

In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend Barry Josselson for counsel in legal matters at anytime. Further, I will certainly continue to use his services for any and all legal issues in the future.”

James D. Eagan, DDS
Washington U. ’75
Lake Havasu City, AZ

“I have worked as a CPA dealing exclusively with dentists for over 20 years.  I met Barry Josselson shortly after starting to work with dentists and have done hundreds of deals where he was the attorney and I was the CPA.  Barry is one of the most thorough attorneys I have ever worked with and is a staunch advocate for his clients.  I refer clients to his firm regularly and find him to be incredibly well-versed in all aspects of the law as it applies to the dental profession including practice sales, office leases and employment law issues.  His assistant, Lena Henry, does an outstanding job and is always on top of what is needed for the clients.  Barry is well established in the dental community for his work, and I am proud to call him not only an outstanding colleague but also a good friend as well.  He gets my highest recommendation.”

Arthur S. Wiederman, CPA CFP
Wiederman & Associates
Certified Public Accountants
Tustin, CA

“Over the last 15 years I have worked with Barry Josselson to purchase 2 dental practices, sell 1 dental practice, negotiate my office leases and incorporate myself. Barry has ALWAYS provided excellent service in a timely manner. I recommend the Law Offices of Barry H. Josselson, A Professional Law Corporation to ALL of my colleagues.”

Jay E. Bauman, DDS, A Professional Dental Corporation
UOP ’90
Orange, CA

“As I have grown professionally for the last 10 years, Barry H. Josselson’s law firm has represented me in several aspects of my dental career. His expertise was helpful in negotiating my first associate contract. Barry has since assisted me with 2 practice purchases, lease negotiations, incorporating my dental practice, employee contracts as well as worked closely with my CPA firm to manage my legal matters.

Not many attorneys can provide such comprehensive legal expertise as the Law Offices of Barry H. Josselson. Both he and his staff have handled all of my legal matters in an expeditious manner. His thoroughness and attention to detail allow me to practice dentistry, run my business and know that he has my best interests at hand.

My success in dentistry is attributable to a well established legal foundation. Barry has helped me through the years and will continue to help me protect everything I have worked so hard to achieve.”

Mark E. Ajlouni, DDS
UOP ’95
San Jose, CA

“When I need help I feel fortunate to be able to call Barry. When you talk to him he is always sincere and conscientious. Every time I have called Barry for his opinion and advice, he has given me the perfect solution to my problem. He is an expert. His legal assistant Lena is so wonderful!”

Stephen M. Gold, DDS, Inc.
Loyola ’75
Orange, CA

“I have been representing dentists in their dental practice purchases and sales for over 39 years.  My firm refers clients to Barry Josselson primarily because he is very thorough in reviewing and dealing with various contracts our clients deal with.  He is quick to respond and does not try to "totally rewrite the agreement"; therefore, he saves our clients money.  He keeps us well informed as to the status of our clients’ progress in the transaction so that we can better serve our clients as well.  Communication is the key and he does that well.”

Mr. Michael P. Carroll
Carroll & Company
Professional Practice Sales & Appraisals 

San Mateo, CA

“Dear Barry,
Thank you very much for all your help.  I am not much of a writer.  But I would like to let you know that I am very happy with the results and your outstanding negotiations with my office lease!  I would like to also take the opportunity to thank Ms. Lena Henry for a FANTASTIC job.  I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends and colleagues.”

Jim Jamshid Tehrani, DDS, Inc.
USC ’97
Manhattan Beach, CA

“I am a returning client of Barry Josselson.  I had him oversee 2 dental practice purchases and 1 real estate building purchase.  All 3 purchases went really well.  When I have Barry on the case, I do not have to worry.  He knows what items belong in a contract and the items that do not.  He is well versed in dental law.  He explained everything to me and always answered any of my questions.  Barry’s legal assistant Lena Henry is also GREAT!  She is very prompt whenever I needed something or needed questions answered.  If you want a stress-free transaction, I recommend Barry Josselson to handle your contracts.”

Roger T. Tran, DDS, Inc.
USC ’01
San Diego, CA

“Barry and I have worked together on various dental projects since 1990.  Our combined efforts focus primarily in the area of practice acquisitions and labor law.  I find Barry to be meticulous in his review of all documents.  Barry has proven to be an expert in the areas of dental office leases, dental practice purchases and sales as well as dental office employment issues.  Therefore, I never hesitate to refer my clients to Barry.  On projects such as Employee Policy Manuals, Barry takes the time to explain details and makes my clients fully aware of the legalities.  I am kept aware of the status via my preference of e-mail or fax. Barry’s excellence in communicating with all parties involved creates a cohesiveness in which the project becomes a team effortMy clients report to me that they are very pleased with the promptness of the project as well as the quality of his serviceBarry is by far one of the best dental attorneys with whom I have had the pleasure of working.”

Ms. Kathleen A. Johnson
Anaheim Hills, CA

“I have utilized the services of the Law Offices of Barry H. Josselson for the past 2 years and have found Mr. Josselson and staff to be highly knowledgeable, responsive and attuned to my specific needs.  All of my matters (incorporation, corporate minutes, legal and business advice and correspondence) have been handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality while, and most importantly, accompanied with a genuine concern and consideration for the uniqueness of their client.

I have a small dental office and my benefiting from the experience, expertise and sound advice of Mr. Josselson and his staff is an important asset to my business and its future growth!

Hoang T. Tran, DDS, Inc.
USC ’97
Hanford, CA